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Supporting “Made in China”

  As a national policy-oriented insurance agency, SINOSURE has taken an active role in fullfilling the "Made in China 2025" Initiative, guiding enterprises to use national credit resources, carrying out scientific and technological innovation and technological upgrading, and striving to help "going out" enterprises become more competitive in the global market. SINOSURE has set up special underwriter teams on industires such as information technology, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy-saving and new energy automotive, in order to strengthen the risk study and propose tailor-maded underwritting policies for different industries.

  In recent years, the world economy has been experiencing a period of deep adjustment. Faced with the continued downturn in the international demand and severe situation of foreign trade, SINOSURE has increased support for high-tech industry, mechanical and electrical products, textiles, light industry, automobile,etc., to help stablize the development of the nation's foreign trade.  

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